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Dell Laptop Batteries Reviews

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Discount Laptop Batteries

Technology has come a long way since the days of dinosaurs and Fred Flintstone. Today we have color television, microwaves, digital cameras, and computers. Today’s technology has given us access to both desktop and laptop computers. Laptop computers are portable computers that allow people to work and to play anywhere in the world. Laptop computers allow people to have access to the internet even when they are traveling on an airplane. In fact, it seems as if everyone either has a desktop computer or a laptop computer. But, what exactly are discount laptop batteries?

Laptop Batteries

Technology has come a long way since the days of the dinosaurs and Fred Flintstone and the Renaissance. Modern technology has given humans cell phones, Microwave ovens, digital televisions, digital cameras, and computers. We have access to both laptop computers and desktop computers. In fact, it seems as if everybody has at least one computer of some sort. In fact, some people are lucky enough to have both a desktop and a laptop computer and desktop computer. In addition, it seems as if painters and other artists during the Renaissance could and would have benefited greatly from today’s modern technology such as computers and digital cameras due to the field of graphic arts design. Plus, it is hard to imagine life with all the technological advances and advantages that we have access to today. In addition, we might have a bunch of knowledge about both types of computers, digital cameras, and other technology, however we might be questioning what are laptop discount batteries and where can we purchase discount batteries. Let’s now explore these two topics in addition to exactly what is a laptop computer.

A laptop computer is also known as a notebook computer and is a small mobile computer. Most laptop computers weigh about three to twelve pounds; however, older models of laptop computers weigh much more. It is important to know that all laptops operate on a single main battery or from an external AC/DC adapter that charges the battery while it also supplies power to the computer itself, even in the event of a power failure. It also must be clearly understood that this very powerful main laptop battery shouldn’t be confused with the much smaller battery nearly all kinds of computers use to run the real time clock And the backup memory when the laptop computer is without power. Speaking of power let’s now discuss discount laptop batteries.

Did you know that current models of notebook computers use lithium ion batteries with more recent models of laptop computers using the new lithium polymer technology? These new type of laptop batteries and new technologies have replaced the older nickel metal hydride batteries. Therefore, these nickel metal hydride batteries could be considered discount batteries; all kidding aside, it seems as if discount laptop batteries can be purchased anywhere computers are sold such as Best Buy and Staples. Discount laptop batteries may be able to be purchased through Dell, Asus, Toshiba or Apple computer companies. Did you also know that the average life of a laptop battery is between two and five hours if you use your laptop computer very little during the day or night? However, if you are continually using your laptop computer day and night the battery will only last about an hour before it need recharging. It is hard to imagine a day without laptop computers and discount laptop batteries.


Laptop Battery Life - Problems and How to Avoid Them

Back just a few years, the use of laptops was limited to elite business people who could afford the compact computing devices. Today, owning a laptop is as common as owning a car. The portability of it is definitely an advantage as prices have come down, allowing the average person to be able to afford to own one or even multiple laptop computers. In order to allow a laptop computer to be portable, it needs a portable source of power. This is found in the form of a battery. Laptop battery life on average can be expected to last two to three years with frequent use and proper care. Good laptop batteries can be charged 400 times or more, but there are several problems that could cause your laptop battery life to deplete tremendously.

The most common problem that people do not even realize they are causing to their laptop battery life is over-draining and recharging their battery. The battery should be fully drained no more frequently than once per month. However, many people forget the battery issue and leave their laptops plugged in and powered one for a full 24 hours or leave it on unattended until it powers down on its own after the battery has died. These practices will cause your battery to lose charging ability.

The next user-caused problem with laptop battery life is over-plugging devices into your notebook. Every device you attach demands power from the battery to perform. These include a mouse, printer, external hard drive and cooling unit. The irony here is that the coolers, used to keep your machine from overheating, can demand so much power that they overwork and damager your laptop’s battery, shortening its life. If you are using all of the above devices at the same time, consider the possibility of doing without one or two of them so less stress is placed on your battery.

The final most common thing that brings damage to the laptop battery life is no fault of your own. Power surges are a laptop battery’s worst nightmare. Batteries can absorb certain levels of voltage, but if a power surge happens, it is likely to damage your battery and deteriorate its lifespan. To avoid this, it is recommended that you plug your laptop into a surge protector that is then attached to the wall. This will prevent damage to your battery and help it last longer.

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